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Atom to support cinemas’ tailored subscription services

Atom Tickets has confirmed the launch of Atom Movie Access, a service that will allow cinemas to create their own customised movie subscription services.

The service will allow customers to book seats via the Atom Tickets app, with Atom managing the payment process, customer service support and fraud detection for its exhibitor partners.

Subscribers will also be able to reserve seats in advance, invite friends and pre-order concessions at certain movie theatres. The app allows cinema-goers to check-in via a mobile device, so there is no need for paper tickets.

“Atom Tickets is an innovative ticketing platform that enables exhibitors to reach and engage new and incremental audiences,” said Matthew Bakal, chairman and co-founder of Atom Tickets. “We’ve always believed in being a valuable partner to exhibitors, starting with the core functionality of our app, which allows for marketing promotions at specific locations, integrating exhibitor loyalty plans and giving customers the ability to pre-order concessions. Now with Atom Movie Access, we’re thrilled to provide the technology that will enhance the direct-to-consumer relationship of moviegoers with their favourite theatres.”

Earlier this month, Atom Tickets announced the launch of a new service aimed at North American film festivals, allowing users to reserve seats in advance at designated host venues. The service will debut at the Dallas International Film Festival, which is expecting to process more than 100,000 tickets for its event from April 11-18.

Image: Pixabay