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Viagogo urges Australian MPs against resale restrictions

Viagogo has defended itself and the resale market in Australia by engaging with politicians about its business model, and urging them not to restrict the resale market.

The ticketing firm’s Cris Miller met with Australian MPs to campaign against a proposed new rule in the country that would heavily impact the resale market.

Australia’s opposition party, the Labor Party, has said it would introduce a piece of legislation that would only allow resale 10 per cent above face value.

With this rule, promoters would also not be able to cancel resold tickets.

Miller said, according to the Australian Financial Review: “While we understand the spirit of (the Labor plan), it’s very difficult to not only enforce, but will also drive people to the black market or to channels that don’t have the same protection and security.

“It’s important that I spend time communicating with the different (politicians) and answer questions and it’s really going quite well.

Image: pxhere