The Olympic Federation of Ireland (OFI) has named Elämys Group as its authorised ticket seller (ATR) for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games following the ticketing scandal that followed Rio 2016.

Sarah Keane, OFI president, said the announcement is a “major milestone” for the governing body given the context of the 2016 Rio scandal that brought a dramatic end to its former deal with British firm THG.

The agreement with the Finnish ticketing and event management firm, which is valued at up to €5m, includes sales and marketing rights at the international competition in Japan.

The Elämys Group has previously entered into a similar agreement with the Finnish Olympic Committee.

Sarah Keane, president of the OFI, said: “Given the context, the appointment of Elämys Group as ATR marks an important milestone on this journey, and we are pleased to have a new partnership in place focused on servicing our athletes, families and the general public in relation to their ticketing arrangements at the Games.”

This new deal replaces the controversial deal with THG, which became the centre of an investigation into the ticketing scandal that took place during the 2016 Rio Olympics. It reportedly cost Ireland’s Olympic Committee more than €312,765.

Former OCI (now OFI) president Patrick Hickey signed the previous deal, which was due to expire following the 2026 Winter Olympic Games, but it had not been approved by the Executive Board.

Hickey later resigned following a report on the scandal by Justice Carroll Moran and a Brazilian inquiry into the handling of tickets during the 2016 event.