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Google Pay now automatically imports tickets from Gmail

Google Pay can now automatically import tickets and loyalty cards via data gathered from Gmail, according to reports.

Google has been testing out the new feature since February, tech news website 9to5Google reports, with the service apparently available for an increasing number of Pay users recently.

An official launch of the feature has not formally been announced, though it is widely reported that Google Pay is rolling out a server-based update.

Android users will be able to turn on the setting, which is disabled by default, that will enable relevant data from Gmail to automatically show up in the Google Pay app, such as cinema tickets, airline boarding passes, loyalty cards and more.

Google Pay’s notification to users states: “Get easy access to loyalty cards, tickets, and more.

“Google Pay can help you find things like coupons and boarding passes sent to your inbox. You won’t get more offers, it will just be easier to use them. You can always change this later.”

Deleting an email from the Gmail account will also remove the relevant data from Google Pay.

Image: MadFishDigital (Flickr)