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Eventbrite launches app marketplace

Eventbrite has launched a new app marketplace to give event organisers access to more than 100 platforms that will help the running of events.

The App Marketplace is an upgrade of the previously named Eventbrite Spectrum, which the firm said has been redesigned to be faster and easier for event creators as well as easier for developers to build with.

“Our festival has been around for seven years, and during that time we’ve made great use of the apps that integrate with Eventbrite,” Matt Whitlock from Northern Nights Music Festival said in a statement.

“Apps like Mailchimp Sync, ToneDen, and Social Ladder’s Ambassador Program are highly valuable tools that help us both broaden the reach of Northern Nights Music Festival with attendees, and throw a successful event from start to finish.”

The redesign also included four new app partnerships with email marketing tool Constant Contact, giftcard solution Gift Up!, festival event management platform Lennd and event management platform Prism, which recently announced it had raised $2.2m in seed funding.

Prism’s Adrian Taveras said: “Our experience with Eventbrite’s API and Eventbrite’s partner program has been best-in-class. The API is incredibly well-documented and robust which has enabled us to deploy our deepest integration to date with a ticketing partner. I often reference Eventbrite’s API to new partners developing new endpoints.”

Image: Eventbrite