FlipTix has been named as the exclusive resale partner of Jazz Fest Afterparty shows featuring Joe Russo’s Almost Dead this weekend.

Under the agreement, the tertiary ticketing resale platform will provide fans with last-minute passes to sold-out shows featuring the Grateful Dead cover band.

Fans seeking a resold ticket can download the app, click the heart logo for either of the Joe Russo’s Almost Dead events, and receive push notifications when a Flip becomes available. An electronic ticket barcode, or a “flipped” ticket, will be delivered to the person’s phone and can be scanned at the entrance.

FlipTix allows users to either sell or buy tickets when attendees exit a venue. Ticket holders who exit prior to the end of an event press “I’m gone” in the app, which notifies users outside the event that a ticket is available.

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead afterparties take place this weekend on Friday and Saturday, April 26-27, during the week of the Jazz & Heritage Festival.

“The Joe Russo’s Almost Dead shows during Jazz Fest are the biggest after parties in town every year,” said vice president of operations at Winter Circle Productions, Reeves Price. “Thanks to FlipTix, we’ll be able give more people access and keep the venue at capacity throughout the show on both nights.”

FlipTix has worked recently with national music festivals such as BUKU in New Orleans and the KAABOO-Del Mar Festival in San Diego. Both festivals sold out, positioning FlipTix as the only way to legally resell and purchase festival tickets.

At BUKU, registered users with FlipTix totalled about 25 per cent of the entire ticketed audience and available ticket flips sold with two seconds of posting, on average.

“We’re obviously excited about providing our unique ticketing service for these iconic shows,” said FlipTix chief executive Jaime Siegel. “Winter Circle does a tremendous job of creating some of the best live music environments in the world, and FlipTix provides a convenient and secure way to gain access when the event is sold out.”

Image: sailn1