Another round of Glastonbury 2019 tickets sold out in minutes yesterday (Thursday), leaving many fans frustrated and ticketless.

The festival’s official ticket-and-coach resale phase opened at 6pm last night, with See Tickets, Glastonbury’s official partner, announcing all passes were gone 23 minutes later.

Earlier this week, organiser Emily Eavis had warned fans that there weren’t “loads (more) to sell”

Many hopeful festival-goers took to Twitter to voice their frustrations, with one fan telling See Tickets “sort your website out!”

Another fan tweeted: “Your ticket page is awful. Allows people to enter their details to be told all the coaches are sold out. The amount of money you earn from each ticket and the website is still crap.”

One fan directed her complaints to the festival: “Glasto, you’re so cruel getting us all excited through the ticket screen only to see no coaches available…”

The final standard ticket resale phase is set to launch this Sunday at 9am.

Image: jaswooduk