Steve Elworthy, the 2019 Cricket World Cup managing director, has said more than 34 per cent of ticket buyers are brand new to cricket.

Elworthy also noted that about 150,000 of the tournament’s 800,000 tickets have been bought by women, stating it was “incredible from a cricket point of view”.

The 2019 Cricket World Cup is taking place from May 30 to July 14 across England and Wales.

Speaking at the SportsPro Live 2019 event in London, Elworthy said: “When we ran the ballot we made a commitment that we wanted 100,000 under-16s to come to the WC, to actually experience it, to have a bum on a seat and actually watch a World Cup match. So that’s fed into the criteria when you think about the ballot.

“We’ve sold tickets to 150,000 women, which I think is building on the success of the Women’s World Cup in 2017. So (it’s important to be) quite clear when you think about the ballot, the criteria that you’re after to make sure you get the right audience into the ground.”

Elworthy highlighted that the 2019 World Cup is “one of the biggest ballots that cricket has ever run”, and that the tournament received over 3.2 million ticket applications.

Image: ICC