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Google’s AI Duplex to hit the web with ticketing

Google is set to launch its artificial intelligence assistant Duplex on the web, initially focusing on movie ticketing and car bookings.

Google chief executive Sundar Pichai announced the technology’s expansion beyond phones and voice yesterday, Tech Crunch reports.

Duplex is already live in 44 states, allowing users to book reservations via their phone through the AI.

The example the tech giant exhibited on stage involved the AI pulling in travel information on existing reservations. After asking the assistant to book a rental car, it would then open up the webpage to book and fill out all the details on behalf of the customer.

Google initially announced Duplex last year as a voice assistant that could make restaurant reservations on behalf of the user. After confirming a request, the AI will relay whether it was successful.

“We’re going to be thoughtful and get feedback from users and businesses, and we’ll have more details later this year,” Pichai said, according to the Verge.

Image: Robert Scoble

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