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Minnesota Twins boosts dwindling attendance with flash sale

The Minnesota Twins’ move to launch a flash $5 (£3.85/€4.45) sale has helped to shift 20,000 tickets for the rest of their May games, after seeing one of the largest attendance drops in baseball.

Following the success of the new strategy, the Major League Baseball franchise has released a further 1,000 tickets for each of the 11 games this month.

The initial $5 sale included upper-deck outfield seats, while the second sale, which ends Thursday, includes Ballpark Access tickets, which will get fans into Target Field but they won’t have a seat.

MLB has struggled with its attendance in recent years, and posted a four-per-cent drop last season. This has decreased slightly once again in 2019.

The costs of going to baseball games is often cited as the top reason for fans not showing up.

Image: Andy Witchger