Ticketing marketplace Tazkarti has launched a platform for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), allowing fans to buy tickets and sign up for a FanID.

The football tournament, which will be hosted by Egypt from June 21 to July 19, requires fans to register their details to get a FanID, which they can use to access tickets.

The Tazkarti system, which launched on Sunday, will ask users for their mobile phone number, after which they will receive a text with an activation code for the registration.

It will then ask for personal information from their national ID card or passport, along with a photograph and a scan of the ID card.

The system will then look to verify the data provided, similar to the FanID process used during the FIFA World Cup in Russia last year.

A FanID number and a password is then sent to the verified fan and they are able to choose the games, categories of tickets and seats they wish to purchase.

Fans can pay for their tickets online with immediate printing options, or they can opt to pick them up at a number of outlets within Egypt.

The host country was announced in January after it was stripped from Cameroon for delayed preparations.

Following the AFCON tournament, Tazkarti said it will continue to sell tickets across Egypt for live events, theatre shows, sports events and more.

Image: Mark Fischer