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Tick&Live unveils data add-on as first Connect tool

French ticketing firm Tick&Live has teamed up with data management start-up Delight to launch its analysis and business intelligence tool as its first feature within its Connect offering.

The subsidiary of France Billet, a company of the Fnac Darty Group, recently launched Tick&Live Connect to offer event organisers an ecosystem of add-ons for its ticketing software.

The tool natively connects to Aparté and DataSPort ticketing software and automatically retrieves all ticketing data.

The new module, Reports by Delight, will support event organisers in their target of increased turnover by analysing their ticketing data.

The first feature has been fully integrated with Tick&Live platforms and has already been deployed with several partners since the beginning of 2019, including the French Rugby Federation and the Renaissance Theater. This module is now available for all customers.

Arnaud Averseng, president of Tick&Live, said: “This new offer responds to the current challenges of producers and organisers getting to know their audiences better, optimising the uptake of events and developing revenue.

“For the development of this first module Reports, we chose to establish a privileged partnership with French start-up Delight, an event data analysis specialist, with an innovative look at the use of data.

“Too many venues are unsold every night, too many events remain unknown to the general public. From this observation, our ambition is to support producers by providing effective, relevant and simple tools for everyday use.”

Reports by Delight allows an organiser to autonomously analyse all sales data in the form of dynamic dashboards and performance indications, such as the anticipation of purchase, geographical location, and sales.

Marc Gonnet, chief executive and co-founder of Delight, said: “After several years of research and development, Delight today markets turnkey marketing tools that help customers build their data assets and segment their audience.

“The goal is both to allow them to conquer new spectators, but especially to avoid unsold. With the launch of Tick&Live Reports by Delight, we will be able to respond in an agile way to the different issues of the partners and guide them towards an autonomous management of their daily challenges.”

Other modules users can expect to see within the Tick&Live Connect ecosystem include email and SMS campaign management tools, online advertising space purchase integration, cashless management capabilities and management of VIP areas.

Image: Tumisu