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UEFA confirms Euro 2020 ticket details

Ticket prices for the UEFA Euro 2020 football tournament have been announced, with prices for the 12-city competition starting at €30 (£26/$34).

UEFA claims it is adopting a “fans first” ticketing policy for Euro 2020, saying that more than 80 per cent of passes will go to fans and the general public.

The governing body for international football has made 13,000 tickets available for the final for €95, priced in its “fan first” category. Fans traveling to London’s 90,000-capacity Wembley Stadium for the decisive game will see the next category pricing jump to €295, then €595 and finally a whopping €945.

The tournament has been split into two price clusters, with the first including Amsterdam, Bilbao, Copenhagen, Dublin, Glasgow, London, Munich, Rome and St Petersburg. Prices for tickets to cities in Cluster A are spread out at €50, €125 and €185.

Cluster B includes Baku, Bucharest and Budapest, in which tickets are priced at €30, €75 and €125.

Tickets will be offered to fans in three price categories, with the first being seated centrally within a stadium, category 2 fulfils seats mainly in the corners and category 3 are tickets for a place behind the goals.

Quarter final matches, which will be played at the Olympic Stadium in Baku, the Fußall Arena München in Munich, the Stadio Olimpico in Rome and Saint Petersburg Stadium in Russia, will cost between €75 and €225.

For the semi finals, which are both played in London, tickets are staggered between four price categories, with the most expensive costing €595. The lowest priced is €85, with the two other categories costing €195 and €345.

The Euro 2020 application window will be open for a month from June 12 to July 12, and all tickets will be allocated through a lottery. UEFA said the majority of tickets would be allocated during this application phase.

The second phase will kick off in December after the finals draw, with a third phase to begin in April 2020 after the final four places have been confirmed by the play-offs.

UEFA has unveiled two types of tickets for fans to choose from, with the first being an individual pass permitting entry to one match in one stadium. The other is a ‘Follow my Team’ ticket, allowing supporters to attend a knockout stage match of their favourite team independently of the location of the match. If the team is eliminated before the knockout stage, 100 per cent of the ticket price will be refunded.

Image: UEFA