New York-based marketing firm SpotCo has partnered with analytics company Tanna to boost ticket sales, revenue and inventory management for Broadway show producers and general managers.

Beginning this summer, the joint venture will provide clients with support in ticket pricing and filling theatre seats through its extended reach.

It will offer real-time recommendations and updates for on-going optimisation of a show’s ticketing strategy.

SpotCo co-managing director Stephen Santore said in a statement: “As the media and advertising landscapes have evolved exponentially over the past two decades, so has the need for maximising every dollar spent.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Tanna to expand our services and invest more resources in this area. It’s our responsibility to not only create and maintain the brand of the shows we work on, but also provide business minded solutions for selling tickets.”

Tanna founder and president Gregg Arst added: “SpotCo has always been at the forefront of Broadway commerce design with a tremendous history of creating strategically inspired services for their productions.

“So it’s particularly exciting that Tanna Inc can now share our data-driven concepts and ticket utilities with SpotCo clients to enhance the connection between shows and ticket buyers. We are excited to collectively take Broadway a massive step forward.”

Image: Prayitno