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AMC chief hails membership scheme’s ‘meteoric rise’

AMC Theatres has announced that the reach of its AMC Stubs membership programme has surpassed 20 million households in the US.

When the movie theatre operator relaunched its programme in the summer of 2016, the distribution database had about 2.5 million recipients.

However, since then the programme has reported a 700% increase in membership, with AMC set to send out more than 1.5 billion personalised emails, text messages and mobile app notifications this year.

The programme’s relaunch three years ago coincided with the introduction of a new free-to-use tier called AMC Stubs Insider, to complement the AMC Stubs Premiere membership package. Last summer, AMC added the AMC Stubs A-List top-tier package.

A-List and Premiere members earn points equivalent to a 10% discount at the box office and concession stand, free size upgrades on popcorn and soft drinks, priority queues and no online ticketing fees.

Meanwhile the Insider membership tier offers discount savings on Tuesdays, free refills on large popcorn orders and a birthday gift for members.

“The meteoric rise of the AMC Stubs membership has created a program that benefits the entire movie-going ecosystem, from our guests who are enjoying the wonderful AMC Stubs programme rewards, to our studio partners, who now have an exhibitor partner that can leverage movie-going data to market their films in a way that’s relevant and impactful,” said Adam Aron, chief executive and president of AMC Theatres.

“Then of course there is AMC and our shareholders, who benefit greatly from the increased engagement of a massive consumer database.”

AMC operates about 1,000 cinemas and 11,000 screens worldwide and has one of the top two market shares in 21 of the 25 largest metropolitan areas in the US.