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Shaun Ryder supporting Save My Stub campaign

Happy Mondays singer Shaun Ryder has backed the Save My Stub campaign which seeks to encourage venues to keep issuing paper tickets and allow fans to keep them as memorabilia once scanned.

The #SaveMyStub hashtag was set up by printer supplies company Cartridge Save in response to venues and ticket agencies increasingly switching to mobile ticketing. Those that do still offer paper tickets will often take them from fans as they enter an arena.

Save My Stub says research shows that one in two people in the UK who attend music events keep their tickets as memorabilia. They claim a survey of 2,000 concert-goers shows paper tickets are still the most popular form of tickets amongst fans with 73 per cent preferring printable e-tickets, and 56 per cent preferring hard copy paper tickets to mobile tickets (28 per cent).

Ryder, a star for more than 30 years, said: “Music memorabilia is close to the hearts of all music fans. If you haven’t got the ticket you haven’t been to the gig. I know loads of stuff has gone digital now but let’s not take the fun out of going to concerts.

“It’s a shame venues aren’t allowing people to keep tickets. I’m sure there are loads of Happy Monday keepsakes in people’s scrapbooks – and Black Grape come to that.

“It’s nostalgic isn’t it? It lets people show their kids and grandkids how cool they used to be. They mean so much to people – especially if they are marking a certain event in their lives.

“Venues and promoters should give concert-goers their ticket stubs back. Let people keep the memory of music alive!”

Image: Man Alive!