Festival ticketing firm Elevate has expanded its relationship with fan-to-fan ticket exchange Lyte.

The two worked on a small number of projects last year, but a closer partnership in 2019 has seen Lyte also assisting the AEG-owned primary ticketing firm on dozens of events – including Coachella – and the creation of a presale window.

Lyte gives fans the option to return their tickets “no questions asked” for a refund, and then sell them to fans at an almost face-value price. A returned ticket through Lyte is reissued by Elevate with a new barcode or wristband being provided to the ticket-buyer.

Elevate Tickets president Jack McCarty, said: “We are fortunate enough to have a number of clients that have very successful events and find themselves in a sellout scenario, but they also find a lot of meaning in the fan experience and the reputation of their brands.

“There is a secondary market out there that exists around these events, along with fake tickets and exorbitant pricing. Our clients were interested in Lyte because it offers an alternative to the traditional secondary market that fits in with the festival brands and their fan-based reputations.”

The two firms piloted their integration at last year’s Stagecoach, and later worked on eight festivals together in 2018. In the first four months of 2019, Lyte has provided its services to 30 festivals, including Coachella and Stagecoach.

Lyte chief executive Ant Taylor said: “We give our festival partners the control they need to counteract the negative impact of the secondary market on the fan experience.

“Festivals sell out so fast — and that increases the likelihood of fans’ plans changing. We’re doing everything we can to improve what happens from when fans buy tickets until the gates open.”

Image: Alan Paone