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FIFA retracts ‘one million tickets sold’ claim

FIFA has back-pedalled on a tweet that suggested one million tickets had been sold for the Women’s World Cup, stating that the figure includes free tickets, such as VIPs and medical staff.

The sport’s governing body published a press release on Tuesday revealing that the milestone number of tickets allocated had been reached. It later tweeted that one million had been “sold”, which it has since deleted.

The one million total also includes “delegations of the teams playing, commercial affiliates, observers, medical and technical staff.”

FIFA claims that 14 out of the 52 matches are now “sold out”, which it describes as meaning “no more inventory [is] available”.

The games that are sold out include the final and semi-finals in Lyon and one quarter-final in Paris. Ten group games – including France’s three matches – have no tickets remaining for sale.

Image: FIFA