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Fleetwood Mac fans demand refunds after poor sound quality

Fleetwood Mac fans are demanding ticket refunds after complaining of poor sound quality at the band’s Wembley Stadium show.

The iconic band played two shows at the 90,000-capacity stadium in London on Sunday and Tuesday as part of their 28-date world tour.

Some fans that paid up to £150 for a ticket complained about the “terrible” audio set-up and that they were unable to hear “anything but echo.”

One fan even left early, stating that she was “very disappointed and will be pursuing a refund.”

Another fan said she purchased three tickets for £512.70, “the most expensive concert I have ever been to,” adding that she was upset about the sound quality and that “some sort of refund is due.”

According to fans, Live Nation, the concert’s organisers, are refusing to offer refunds

Image: Joe Bielawa