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Atom Tickets expands into live events market

Cinema ticketing firm Atom Tickets has expanded its services to include live event listings in Atlanta, Boston and Los Angeles.

The US-based social ticketing platform will give fans the option to discover and purchase tickets for entertainment and lifestyle events including music, comedy shows, food festivals and more.

These localised event listings are sourced from the vast inventory of live experiences on Eventbrite. Atom Events rolls out to Atlanta, Boston, and Los Angeles starting today (Monday), with the plan to add more cities in the coming months.

Matthew Bakal, chairman and co-founder of Atom Tickets, said: “We have a proven track record of ticketing movies in the most convenient and social way that has resulted in selling millions of tickets. By leveraging our expertise and extending it into live events, we’re confident that consumers will embrace the added convenience of being able to discover the best entertainment choice for their interests.

“Last year alone Eventbrite powered nearly 4 million events globally. We’re thrilled to be integrating such an extensive and diverse inventory of live experiences as we introduce a movie and event ticketing approach to the U.S.”

Consumers in Atlanta, Boston, and Los Angeles can now see an “Events” tab in the bottom navigation bar of the Atom app. From there they can explore events by date or category and see all the event details including date, time, location, map, pricing, and description.

Tamara Mendelsohn, VP and general manager of consumer at Eventbrite, added: “Atom makes it really easy and convenient for moviegoers to buy tickets. We believe that the behaviour that compels someone to go to the cinema rather than watch from their sofa is the same driving force behind going to a live event—whether it be a comedy show, a food festival, or a concert.

“Allowing Eventbrite events to be discovered on apps other than our own helps our creators find new audiences, sell more tickets, and ultimately results in more people attending live experiences. We’re excited to make live events even more accessible through our integration with the Atom app.”