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Liverpool ends ‘unsustainable’ fan card initiative

Liverpool has announced the closure of its fan card scheme stating that it is no longer a “sustainable process.”

From the 2019-20 season supporters will no longer be able to use their fan card to secure and purchase seats for league games at Anfield.

In an email to fan card holders, the Merseyside club detailed the change and offered supporters the official light membership for free for the coming season.

Liverpool stopped issuing fan cards in June 2008 when they introduced a member card system. However, existing holders’ cards remained active. Fans could use the fan card to apply for tickets and have their attendance recorded, though member cards have been given priority over fan card holders.

The membership scheme has replaced the fan card system, with the light version costing £10. A full adult membership in the UK costs £25.99,  £29.99 in Europe and £33.99 for the rest of the world.

Liverpool assured its fans that all ticket purchase history will be transferred from a fan card on to the new membership card and the customer number will remain the same.

The club has urged people to redeem their free membership by July 14 using the unique code that has been emailed to them.

The email reads, according to the Liverpool Echo newspaper: “As part of streamlining our processes and systems to provide the best possible service to supporters, from the 2019/20 season the club will no longer operate the fan card scheme.

“There is only a very small number of fan cards in circulation and it is no longer a sustainable process that we can continue to facilitate.

“LFC official membership offers fans priority access to tickets together with the opportunity to join the Auto-Cup Scheme and access to late availability ticket sales.”

The Auto-Cup Scheme allows season ticket holders and members the opportunity to secure home tickets for Liverpool FC’s season-wide cup campaigns – The European Cup, FA Cup and League Cup competitions.

The light membership will be valid until the end of May 2020. Fans will then be able to purchase membership for the 2020-21 season.

Image: Pixabay