Music-mad parents desperate to not miss their favourite summer events are offering free tickets, expenses and a wage of up to £1,500 to a ‘festival nanny’ who can look after their three children.

An advert has been placed on by a couple whose nanny handed in her notice just before the summer season.

Now the unnamed couple need a hand looking after their three primary school-aged children at three festivals they are booked to attend in July and August.

The parents, who are based in the famously wealthy Chipping Norton area of Oxfordshire, are offering a wage of £500 per festival and cover all entry, food and drink and accommodation.

The advert reads: “We desperately need to find a nanny this summer after our current one has handed her notice in!

“It’s sort of on an ad hoc basis over the summer, we basically need a nanny to accompany us and look after our three children, aged 6, 10 and 11, whilst we attend three festivals in July and August.

“Myself and my husband have been avid festival-goers for a while, and over the last few years our nanny has come with us to take care of the kids so we can properly enjoy ourselves.

“We love to get involved in the powerful energetic atmosphere live music provides, and you just can’t do that when you’re looking after three young kids.”

The parents make it clear that they’ll be focusing on enjoying the music rather than childcare.

They said: “Happy to have a trial day but really does need to be ASAP.

“We will of course check in with you and the kids over the weekends, but really we’ll be off getting involved in the festival vibes, so it’s very much the case that you’ll be the main carer!”