RateYourSeats.com has launched a new feature that provides interactive, 360-degree seat view photos for all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums.

The Interactive 360º Seat View Photos has been added to the ticketing firm’s suite of seat selection and ticket buying products, including Shade and Cover Finder, SeatScore and Super-Charged Interactive Seating Charts, among others.

Chief executive and founder of RateYourSeats.com, Keith Hanson, said: “Especially for fans who do not frequently attend live events, seat selection can be intimidating. Infrequent attendance combined with a lack of knowledge of venue amenities raises the risk-factor associated with ticket buying.

“While all of RateYourSeats.com’s tools have been built to improve the ticket-buying experience, Interactive 360º Seat View Photos are poised to level the playing field for infrequent venue attendees. Fans can see what seats and seat views look like with extreme detail—including size, padding and available legroom—as well as accurately judge for themselves distance to the closest hot dog stand and the amount of shade and cover to be expected.”

Currently, RateYourSeats.com offers the Interactive 360º Seat View Photos for all 30 MLB ballparks, and extends to 99 per cent of MLB tickets available for purchase on its website. The team is now looking into opportunities at NFL and NHL stadiums, as well as at similar live event venues.

Hanson said his company’s product offers an enhanced service in comparison to its rivals, such as that utilised by StubHub.

“As far as our analysts can tell, no other 360º stadium seat view product provides as rich an experience or works as seamlessly as ours does,” he said.

“Our 360º Seat View Photos paint more complex, nuanced and therefore more useful pictures – our trained stadium researchers captured live, in-game images.”