Organisers of Pugfest have said they will refund fans and have issued an apology an after cancelling two events in Scotland just months after a Manchester date was also scrapped.

A “change in circumstances” with the original venue, the Lanark Agricultural Centre, and the event officials’ inability to make new arrangements has led to the event being called off.

PugFest is an event for Pug fans or people with Pugs and Pug Crosses and their families. The festival puts on a range of activities at its themed events, including the Grand Pug Dog Show, the Doggie Dash, the Kissing Booth, stalls, food court, splash zone, music and entertainment, special guests and more.

The UK non-profit event, which raises money for animal welfare organisations, said in a statement that it wasn’t “fair to keep everyone waiting any longer for the new date option.”

The Scotland events were scheduled to take place this past weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

Rob Clowes, Pugfest organiser, stated on the event’s Facebook page: “Our emailing system is currently not working and we have been trying to rectify this all evening, so emails will be sent to all ticket holders.

“Due to the change of circumstances with our original venue, and still not being able to offer you all a new date with the new venue, we have decided to process full refunds for both of the Scotland PugFest dates and not to proceed with the event.

“We do not think it is fair to keep everyone waiting any longer for the new date option. It upsets us that we are not going to be hosting this event, as last year was so amazing!”

Clowes confirmed the refunds will be processed from August 12.

“We aim to get these refunds out as quickly as possible. Refunds will be done in purchase order due to the ticketing system that we use,” he added.

“We apologise for the delay with information in regards to this but we been waiting ourselves for date options which haven’t been forthcoming. We also apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you. This update will be emailed to all current ticket holders tomorrow.”

Image: SneakyElbow