Dutch consumer group Consumentenbond has demanded that Ticketmaster Netherlands reimburses its service charges if an event is cancelled.

The fees can cost between €2 and €10 per ticket, which is not returned to the customer if the event no longer goes ahead and the customer is refunded the price of the ticket.

Consumentenbond said it is hoping to meet with the ticketing giant so that they can “come to a solution”.

It also claims that the Dutch Authority for Consumer and Market (ACM) agrees with the association in that service costs should be reimbursed in the event of a cancellation.

Consumentenbond said in a statement: “It regularly happens that a concert is cancelled or postponed. This can have various reasons, for example the artist’s illness or because the performance is moved to a different location due to a large or disappointing interest. Consumers find it unfair that the service cost is paid by them.”

Ticketmaster Netherlands claims on its website that service costs are “used to make the ticket transaction possible in the broad sense.”

It continues: “Ticketmaster itself has no influence on whether or not the event takes place. The reason an event is moved or unexpectedly cancelled is usually due to force majeure.

“Ticketmaster will then do everything in its power to refund the ticket price as quickly as possible, at the request of the customer or proactively (this varies according to situation). The costs incurred by Ticketmaster (the service costs of the total ticket price) are not reimbursed.”

Image: Pixabay