Eventim UK has launched a new website in a move designed to improve the ticket-buying experience for fans.

Following several weeks of AB testing, the ticketing company claims to have seen a “strong rise” in conversion rates and has sped up the checkout time.

It also noted that it has added a “raft of functionality”, including personalised content and quick account creation.

Eventim UK claims that the website upgrades have improved its Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), retargeting and cart abandonment numbers.

Dale Ballentine, chief operating officer of Eventim UK, said: “Following months of work by our teams across the globe, we are delighted to offer a fresh, easy and function rich ticketing website to the UK.

“We have already seen fantastic results from our testing phase and look forward to selling as many tickets as possible for our partners.”

In March, the UK arm of Eventim launched a new AI-based marketing tool, with early figures showing it had significantly sped up its email marketing process. The Artist Intelligence tool allows the ticketing firm to send targeted emails for every event and artist based on data gathered across all Eventim platforms.

The tool uses an algorithm that selects previous artist bookers and similar artist bookers data to send email campaigns to fans and potential ticket-buyers.