The first round of tickets for the UEFA Euro 2020 football competition were allocated on Tuesday through a random ballot of a record-breaking 19.3 million ticket requests.

The governing body for European football sent email notifications to fans yesterday, though fans can also log in to their UEFA account to check if their application was successful.

Those who were successful have until August 18 at 2pm to pay for the tickets they’ve been allocated and secure their seats for the tournament.

UEFA said in a statement: “With demand for tickets so high, UEFA is urging fans who are successful in the ticket ballot to make every effort to pay for their tickets within the specified payment period to ensure they ‘LIVE IT. FOR REAL’.

“Fans who fail to pay for their tickets within the allotted time slot may well miss out on being part of the biggest EURO ever, as there will be very limited future opportunities for the general public to purchase tickets.”

Unsuccessful applicants will be entered into the ‘Fans First’ programme, offering fans priority to purchase tickets that become available later (through ticket returns or payment failures).

In December, fans of national teams that qualify for Euro 2020 can apply for tickets via their national association.

Fans who secure tickets and can no longer attend will be given the option to re-sell their tickets through the official UEFA platform. Ticket resale details will be announced in spring 2020.

Image: Marco Verch Professional