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Eventbrite CEO optimistic as Ticketfly integration boosts revenues

Eventbrite has reported an increase in revenue of almost 20% year-on-year in the second quarter of 2019 as the firm makes progress with its Ticketfly integration.

The ticketing firm, which has recorded net revenue of $80.8m (£67m/€72m) for the quarter, admitted to the Skift news website that the company still has “work to do” in migrating Ticketfly clients over to the Eventbrite platform.

The ticketing firm saw ticket sales growth of nearly 15% year-on-year in Q2, with much of this growth coming from its self-sign-on service, which allows clients to register themselves on the Eventbrite platform in order to host their events. The company has enjoyed a strong performance in both Spain and Australia.

However, following the last-minute cancellation of the Roxodus music festival in Canada in July, Eventbrite announced it would be providing $4m worth of refunds to event creators.

“We have a clear line of sight to moving beyond the migration phase of the Ticketfly integration,” said Eventbrite chief executive Julia Hartz on an earnings call, adding that the goal was to have all music tickets sold on the Eventbrite platform by October.

“The team continues their work to ship critical product capabilities and provide support to both migrated and yet-to-be-migrated clients in order to ensure their ongoing success on the Eventbrite platform,” she said. “We’re encouraged by the progress made in the second quarter and now have fewer than 100 clients to migrate.”

Eventbrite purchased Ticketfly more than two years ago, but several factors have led to its delayed integration, including legal action and a major data hack that affected about 27 million accounts.

Image: Pixabay