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PatronManager unveils automated comms tool

PatronManager, the US ticketing, fundraising and marketing platform for the arts, has released its automated patron communication tool and added the use of credit card-branded exclusive pre-sales.

The updated automatic communication tool gives organisations using PatronManager the ability to more easily communicate with patrons by programming an HTML email to automatically send before and after attendance.

It is built directly inside of PatronManager’s system meaning emails can now be scheduled so patrons receive performance reminders and post-show acknowledgments and surveys.

It is hoped that this feature will boost attendance and engagement, and give organisations more data.

More than 700 organisations use PatronManager, primarily symphony orchestras, theatres, opera companies, dance companies, university performing arts centres, and museums.

The company was founded in 2010 with a view to creating a cloud-based, customer relationship management solution that unifies box office ticketing, fundraising, and marketing functions for arts organisations.

PatronManager’s managing director, Michelle Paul, said: “We really value the input and feedback we receive from our clients, and we are overjoyed to offer this highly anticipated feature. Automated pre-show and post-show emails can be a key element of an arts organisation’s communication strategy.

“With this upgrade, our customers will save staff time and energy while also building better relationships with their patrons.”

PatronManager is also giving its clients the ability to limit online ticket purchases to a specific type of credit card or bank for performances or events.

With these credit card-branded exclusive pre-sales, client organisations can now offer pre-sale tickets to patrons with a specified card brand, like American Express or MasterCard.

Earlier this month, PatronManager hit the $1bn (£828m/€893m) milestone in total ticket transactions.

Image: Pixabay