Scottish Premiership football club Rangers has demanded an apology from Kilmarnock over the Rugby Park ticketing issues that left many supporters stuck outside the stadium after their recent match kicked off.

Kilmarnock has responded to the statement, which has been released by Rangers’ fan group, Club 1872, claiming it is “disappointed” with the Ibrox club.

Following the August 4 game, a Rangers spokesperson called on Kilmarnock to investigate the “failure” of its ticketing system.

Yesterday, the Glasgow club’s statements said its supporters were “being crushed and in a state of alarm” outside the ground.

Club 1872’s statement said: “There was no recognisable plan of action to deal with such a situation and it was very close to kick-off before someone thought the problem … should be brought to the attention of the police.

“By that time some Rangers fans were being crushed and in a state of alarm, and there are many testimonies which bear that out.

“Kilmarnock has accepted their ticketing system failed (and that there had been problems with it at the game against Connahs Quay Nomads) despite one of their directors promoting the irresponsible notion there had been no operational problems.”

They added: “We would hope to receive a retraction and an apology from Kilmarnock for having pointed the finger of blame at Rangers fans for the issues which arose ahead of kick-off.

“No-one at the debriefing disputed the view that there would not have been congestion and supporters would have gained admission smoothly and safely had the system operated properly. This view is supported by Police Scotland.”

Kilmarnock expressed its “disappointment that Rangers Football Club has issued a statement via Club 1872” with the investigation process ongoing.

It continued: “A printing issue in relation to a number of tickets in the Chadwick Stand caused a delay in some supporters gaining entry to the stadium.

“This was not a system-wide failure with the ticketing system and any suggestion to the contrary is inaccurate.

“Kilmarnock Football Club does not accept that this delay gave Rangers supporters good reason to break through a gate and enter the ground.”

Image: Pommes104