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TicktBox acquisition gives LA firm largest movie-goer database

Los Angeles-based entertainment market research firm Screen Engine/ASI has acquired TicktBox, the digital marketing and ticketing platform for movie distributors.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but through its acquisition of San Diego-based TicktBox, SE/ASI founder and chief executive Kevin Goetz said his company will have one of the largest databases of active moviegoers in the industry, with information on more than five million unique consumers in the US and Canada.

Goetz added, according to Variety: “We have a lot more touchpoints we’ll be able to use. It makes the data we have even more valuable. We’re moving much more to (being) a big-data company.”

TicktBox customers include Sony Pictures Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, AMC Theatres, Regal Cinemas, Amazon Studios and Netflix.

The ticketing company, which was founded in 2013, operates the business-to-business TicktBox service, as well as Gofobo, a consumer-facing brand that offers access to advance movie screenings, premieres and other events.

TicktBox customers use the platform to create and distribute promotional passes, as well as manage local and national marketing campaigns and analyse user data along multiple psychographic vectors.

SE/ASI is a market research firm that specialises in focus-group testing of movies and TV pilots, as well as operating a syndicated-data business and a joint venture with comScore for PostTrak, a real-time theatrical exit polling business.

Goetz said that the combo of TicktBox’s platform with SE/ASI’s proprietary data “will generate state-of-the-art and game-changing new products.”

Image: Pixabay