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Tokyo 2020’s second domestic lottery closes

The second domestic lottery for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games ended yesterday (Monday) for those that missed out on the first draw.

Those who have been successful in being allocated one or several of the 68,000 tickets available will be notified on September 11.

The tickets, which will mostly be for first-round and qualifying competitions, are expected to be available for sports including basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball and likely athletics.

The first lottery sold more than 3.2 million tickets, though more than 7.5 million Japanese people registered their interest in tickets.

Applicants in the most recent lottery have been limited to applying for one session of competition.

The cheapest individual tickets for the Games will cost Y2,500 (£19.44/€21.23/$23.52).

Earlier this month, organisers of the Paralympic Games said they are aiming for “full stadiums” for every event after unveiling ticket details.

Image: Marco Verch