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Atom Tickets’ new partner gives marketers insight into ticket sales

Social movie ticketing platform Atom Tickets has partnered with advertising technology firm The Trade Desk, to provide insights into how advertising is affecting ticket sales.

The partnership will provide film marketers with insights into the ticket sales generated from their programmatic advertising spend, which is reportedly a first for the industry.

The new capability provides movie marketers with new insights on device and media format that lead to purchase, which was previously unavailable.

Matthew Bakal, co-founder and chairman, Atom Tickets, said: “Studio marketers are always looking for smart new ways to connect their budget to ticket sales, and this exclusive solution for the programmatic part of their media-mix delivers just that.

“By working with The Trade Desk’s unique digital buying platform, we’re able to deliver next-level consumer insights to movie marketing efforts.”

The Trade Desk’s self-service, cloud-based platform allows ad buyers to create, manage, and optimise digital advertising campaigns across ad formats and devices.

Brian Stempeck, chief strategy officer, The Trade Desk, added: “Movie studios often invest tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in making and marketing a movie without a precise sense of audience appetite or reaction.

“Given Atom Tickets’ millions of existing movie ticket customers, their data solutions are a perfect fit with The Trade Desk platform. Our new partnership will give movie studios a groundbreaking solution to understand the direct impact of their marketing campaigns, helping them optimise those campaigns in real time.”

Image: Pixabay