Tickets Cloud, which launched in 2017, has trialled a new version of its blockchain platform’s distributed ledger technology at electronic music festival Signal.

The Russian firm has tested the new etherum-based technology at Signal festival, which took place between August 15 and 18 in Nikola-Lenivets, Russia.

Each ticket for the festival was distributed with a unique, dynamic QR code to a Tickets Wallet, with all transactions recorded in a distributed blockchain registry, providing a ‘history’ for the ticket, as well as owner information.

The technology helped to transfer more than 2,000 tickets, which has helped organisers to gather 15 per cent more data from festival-goers.

“We wanted to save our customers from issues like fake tickets and scams happening around the resale of tickets, and we also wanted to streamline ticket purchase and admission, making it safe and convenient,” said Sergeev Fadeev, chief executive and founder of Signal Festival, IQ Mag reports.

“We like to implement new exciting technologies so we decided to experiment with smart tickets, and we were not disappointed.”

Organisers could send messages to attendees of any changes or news from the event, and gave those running the festival data to identify the most engaged fans.

Around 250 ticket holders were able to use the platform to communicate via a chat room, meet up and exchange photos.

Egor Egerev, founder of Tickets Cloud and с, added: “Every festival, every musical event unites like-minded people, and that’s why we’re focused on the social component of our app.”

Tickets Cloud currently sells tickets using technology to more than 30 local events in Russia and is preparing to launch the technology at its first events in Europe and the USA.

Tickets Cloud previously reached an agreement with the Russian concert agency TCI to offer tickets for German quartet Kraftwerk’s show in Moscow in 2017 for the first time using a distributed ledger.

Image: Spaz Tacular