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Maoyan’s WeChat mini programme hits user milestone

China’s leading ticketing operator Maoyan has announced that the number of users on its WeChat mini programme has reached 250 million.

The milestone marks a 50 million increase from the beginning of 2019 for the programme, which has grown from a ticketing and information channel to a signature platform for Maoyan’s growth strategy. The 250 million figure means that more than a quarter of China’s internet users now access the service on WeChat, the messaging, social media and mobile payment app owned by tech giant Tencent – which is also a major shareholder in Maoyan.

WeChat mini programmes are sub-applications within the WeChat ecosystem that allow users to access any web app without leaving the platform.

To access these mini-programmes, users can use a direct search, scan a QR code, or click on links on a WeChat official account.

Maoyan’s mini programme used a reverse marketing strategy via its huge user base as a social platform to acquire users and help Maoyan’s film distribution and promotion business. It requires WeChat users to spread content to more users in order to gain discounts.

Its marketing tactics also include “Super Day” single film promotion, ticket lotteries, film-related products sales, and summer holiday sales. Maoyan’s WeChat mini programme has also partnered with over 4,000 domestic theatres on discount tickets, expanding the service coverage of its WeChat mini programme.

Image: PXhere