Chicagoland Speedway, which hosts NASCAR motor racing events, is set to roll out a new ticket membership programme in 2020 to ramp up the potential benefits for fans.

The implementation of the CLS ticket membership programme is a move away from the 55,000-seat track’s traditional season tickets, and will provide fans with behind-the-scenes access to all four races of the NASCAR weekend.

Fans can pay for their membership through an enhanced monthly payments plan, starting at $11.50 per month, with ticket fees waived during renewals. This saves fans $18 from 2019 and also offers free preferred parking, 20 per cent off merchandise, discounts on select concessions, and a complimentary Infield Fan Zone Pit Pass for each race.

Through the payment plan, the NASCAR Cup Series race on June 21, 2020 costs $5 per month, while kids’ tickets start at $3 per month.

“Our new CLS Ticket Membership program is aimed at giving fans the most cost-effective way to attend our races with more benefits than ever before, including free preferred parking, discounts on merchandise and concessions, waived ticketing fees and much more,” said Chicagoland Speedway president, Scott Paddock.

Image: Tequilamike