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See Tickets launches encrypted barcode digital tickets

See Tickets is set to launch its encrypted barcode digital tickets for the first time this week when tickets for Declan McKenna’s tour go on sale.

The non-transferable digital tickets have been launched in an effort to combat touting.

The purchased ticket is tied to each person’s account and added to their See Digital Wallet.

Each ticket features a unique refreshing barcode, which cannot be screenshotted by touts or other unauthorised users, making them “highly secure” according to See Tickets. To enter the event, the barcode is scanned at the door, which decrypts the unique barcode to allow customer entry.

Rob Wilmshurst, chief executive at See Tickets, said: “The launch of digital tickets is a major milestone in our persistent anti-secondary market strategy as we now have a secure ticketing solution we can offer to our clients to use at any venue, on any show. We hate touts.”

See Tickets launched its own resale site Fan to Fan in 2017 with more than 35,000 tickets sold through the site since then. It has rolled out bespoke resale initiatives for artists including Ed Sheeran and the Arctic Monkeys and developed the photo ID registration system with Glastonbury which has eliminated touting at the festival.

See Tickets’ music client list includes Glastonbury, SJM Concerts, Kilimanjaro, Universal Music Group, Alexandra Palace, One Inch Badge and Communion Music.

The move has been welcomed by critics of the existing secondary ticket market.

Adam Webb, campaign manager for FanFair Alliance, said: “We welcome See Tickets’ continued efforts to keep tickets in the hands of genuine customers by investing in the development of secure, anti-tout technology. It should make the ticket purchasing and venue entry process safer, faster and more consumer-friendly.”