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Stage Front adds ticketing partnership division

US-based resale ticketing technology firm Stage Front is adding a full-service ticketing partnership division to its expanding business operations.

The new division will help to create sales strategies for ticketing rights holders including teams, events, and venues.

Stage Front claims that the move makes the firm the first full-service partner offering the ability to work with a full menu of product lines.

To head up partnerships, Stage Front has hired industry veteran, Mike Guiffre, who has previously worked in executive positions with the Pittsburgh Penguins NHL ice hockey franchise and American Airlines Center, as well as secondary retail sites TicketCity and SuiteHop.

The firm integrates with resale companies, various point of sale systems, and third-party service providers, as well as providing inventory management through its cloud-based web application.

It also offers analytical and pricing tools in the resale ticketing industry, which it says has experienced “meteoric growth” in the past five years.

Image: PublicDomainPictures