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AFL tickets removed for alleged price gouging

Australian Football League (AFL) tickets listed for more than 10 per cent the face value have been pulled amid an investigation into alleged price gouging involving experience packages firm BallPark Entertainment.

Owned by Melbourne sports media owner Craig Hutchison, the company had listed tickets worth at most Aus$93 for Aus$170, which is above the 10 per cent cap imposed in the state of Victoria. BallPark has blamed the mistake on a third party.

The tickets were for the AFL semi-final between Geelong and the West Coast Eagles at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

BallPark said, according to the Herald Sun newspaper: “Upon investigation, a third party has mistakenly listed BallPark Entertainment’s medallion club ticket inventory as ticket only with access to premium bar facilities.

“BallPark Entertainment is one of many approved medallion club ticket agents, but the third party isn’t. We take responsibility regardless for how this has occurred.”

Victoria’s Sport Minister Martin Pakula told the newspaper that more than 500 ads have been removed for breaking the law and confirmed that the AFL was investigating the tickets.

Pakula added: “The legislation … won’t stop people who continue to try and circumvent the law, but what it will ensure is that there is a strong response from government and from leagues.”

Image: Flickerd