Riot Games has responded to angry League of Legends fans who claim tickets for the 2019 World Championship finals sold out before the sales phase went live yesterday (Monday).

The ticket sales window for the esports event, which will be held in Berlin and Madrid from October 2 to November 10, was advertised to begin at 4pm, though many fans claim the found tickets on resale sites for mark ups prior to that time.

One fan said on Reddit: “Basically on the AccorHotel site the tickets went on sale at 4pm. But on Ticketmaster they were already up at 2pm, I entered the queue to buy tickets at 3:48 on Accor I was told I have to wait 10 minutes and at 4:22 I’m still in the queue for completely sold out tickets.”

Riot Games global esports communication staff member Anton Ferraro replied: “The earlier sale represented only a small portion of the total available tickets. It was meant for our partners who this year had to secure tickets through the ticket portal.

“The vast majority of tickets went on sale at the designated time.”

Worlds Finals tickets were advertised to go out at 4pm CET, but they had reportedly been released at 4pm CSET, which was an hour before the advertised release.