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New US resale firm ensures ‘no hidden fees’

MegaSeats, a new player in the US secondary ticketing market, has been launched with a vow to boost transparency in the industry by promising “no hidden fees”.

The Connecticut-based company offers tickets to theatre, concerts and sporting events, including Major League Baseball, Broadway productions and Patti Smith.

Peter Tyrrell, the creator and director of new revenue for Mega Seats, said: “In response to recent criticism regarding the online ticket industry, we believe it is time for a change. We are offering no hidden fees to our customers.”

Tyrrell is referring to a letter to the Department of Justice from two US senators, expressing their “serious concern that online ticket markets are not working for American consumers.”

The Senators, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, wrote “buyers are confronted with exorbitant fees and inadequate disclosures when they go to purchase tickets to live events.”

In addition, a US Federal Trade Commission workshop in June concluded that the industry leaders were in agreement over moving towards and “all-in” pricing structure, moving away from drip pricing.

While all members were in agreement, none reportedly seemed willing to be the first to change their business model, fearful that in doing so, they would be at a competitive disadvantage.

Tyrrell concluded: “We hear what the FTC and the Senators are saying. MegaSeats.com is designed to improve consumer confidence, it is transparent, and it is seamless.”

Image: Moses