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Festicket launches ‘Pay with Friends’ feature

Festicket has launched a new ‘Pay with Friends’ feature that allows fans to purchase tickets for a festival as a group.

With the new feature, the lead booker can reserve tickets for their whole group while only having to pay for part of payment up front.

The other members of the group then have 48 hours to pay their individual part.

Zack Sabban, chief executive and co-founder at Festicket, said: “Our goal is to make festival discovery and booking as easy as possible for fans so they can focus on what matters – enjoying the festival.

“Groups are a big priority for us as the group is usually an important part of the festival experience. We already have a designated sales team for assisting groups with their booking. We are the first ticketing company to offer a feature specifically designed for group payments. It’s exciting to be leading the way with this lifesaver for lead bookers.”

The festival discovery and package booking company said ‘Pay with Friends’ has also been developed in response to the huge popularity of group bookings on the Festicket platform. Around 60 per cent of festival-goers go in groups of more than three, with 20 per cent of those that go in groups of more than six.

Jonathan Younes, chief procurement and co-founder at Festicket, said: “It’s great to be able to offer our fans the option to Pay with Friends finally. We’ve created a fair solution that guarantees fans won’t be left out of pocket just because they’re the organised one out of their friends! We’ll continue to add features like this to the Festicket product to make sure all our customers have the best possible booking experience.”

Once multiple tickets or packages are selected, the lead booker can choose to Pay with Friends’ and split the total payment between their party.

The lead booker can then pay for their individual booking and send a link to the rest of their group, through which each party can complete their order. The tickets or packages will be reserved for 48 hours to give each person in the group time to pay up. Once all portions are paid, the order will be fully confirmed and accessible through each group member’s Festicket account.

If anyone in the group does not pay before the 48 hour deadline, the booking is released and no one is charged. However, there is a small non-refundable deposit charged to the lead booker to reserve the booking.

Ben Martin, senior product manager of payments at Festicket, added: “We sympathise with lead bookers, who usually have to bear the brunt of the organisation when booking a festival trip. This feature is designed to make their life easier, and get their group on track for a great festival experience”

The UK-headquartered company sells ticket packages for festivals such as Download, Leeds and Reading, Tomorrowland, Mad Cool, Coachella, and Wireless, which are based across the UK, Europe and the US.