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Dublin council cites safety concerns in ticketed GAA homecoming

Dublin City Council has defended its decision to make the joint-homecoming for the men’s and women’s GAA teams a ticketed event.

Both the Dublin men’s and women’s Gaelic football teams were victorious in the All-Ireland championships earlier this month.

The Sunday event, ticketed by Eventbrite, will host approximately 15,000 people, with 3,500 free tickets allocated yesterday (Monday) morning within an hour of going live.

All remaining tickets have been allocated to the Dublin County Board and the Dublin Ladies Gaelic Football Association.

However, the ticketing system has been slated by many Dublin GAA fans after they disappeared so quickly yesterday.

Dublin City Councillor Mary Fitzpatrick tweeted yesterday: “Lots of disappointed Dubs fans this morning because tickets to the Dubs GAA homecoming celebration sold out in 8 minutes on Eventbrite site. Please organise open bus tour so fans can celebrate our ladies and men’s GAA snr stars.”

Another person tweeted: “So sad, tickets gone for the Dublin homecoming and I don’t have a GAA club to check with as I don’t live in Dublin anymore.”

One fan suggested bringing the Dublin homecoming to the 82,300-capacity Croke Park, stating that 15,000 tickets was nowhere near enough.

In a statement, Dublin City Council defended its decision to make the event ticketed: “The event was moved from its traditional location in Smithfield as Merrion Square has over twice the audience capacity of Smithfield.

“A decision was taken to ticket the event on health and safety advice. The council said information on how to apply for the remaining tickets will be sent out later today by Dublin GAA clubs.

“Dublin City Council and both council boards strongly urge fans to contact their local club to get tickets for the homecoming.”

Image: William Murphy