YouTube has expanded its ticketing integration to allow Canadians watching videos from Official Artists Channels to see ticket listings for live performances in North America.

Through partnerships with Ticketmaster and Eventbrite, starting yesterday (Tuesday) fans can click on the ‘Tickets’ button next to the YouTube video they are watching and purchase directly from one of the vendors.

The Google-owned video-sharing platform’s new feature is an expansion of the ticketing integration first launched with Ticketmaster in 2017 in the US.

The company later teamed up with Eventbrite in October 2018, which it said meant that it now covers more than 70 per cent of the US ticketing market.

YouTube’s global audience also lets artists find new fans, with 24 per cent of Millennials and 33 per cent of teens claiming they discover live music events through the platform, according to a Nielsen report from 2018.

YouTube said in a blog: “Live events continue to be a major source of revenue for artists, so we want to help artists keep fans updated on their upcoming shows and sell more tickets to live performances.”

YouTube has 1.8 billion logged-in monthly users, exposing Eventbrite and Ticketmaster concerts to a huge number of online music fans.