Google has begun testing its artificial intelligence assistant Duplex for making cinema ticket reservations across the US in Chrome.

Duplex, which initially launched last year as a voice assistant that could make restaurant reservations on behalf of the user, is already live in 44 states, allowing users to book via their phone through the AI.

For those involved in the test, when looking up show times for a movie in Chrome, they will see the usual options to book tickets at different cinemas, plus the new addition of a “Buy Tickets” button with the Google Assistant logo indicating that Duplex is available.

Once it has been clicked, users are then redirected to the cinema’s website. The AI will automatically fill in the customer’s saved information, such as contact information and payment details.

Customers will be required to manually enter how many tickets they would like, as well as select their seats.

The feature is reportedly working with AMC and Fandango theatres in the US.

Google told Android Police: “As previewed at Google I/O, we started experimenting with bringing the Google Assistant in Chrome to help users book movie tickets. We’ll use this opportunity to get feedback from users and improve the feature.”

Image: Robert Scoble