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TicketSwap integrates partners’ primary ticket shops

Secondary ticket marketplace TicketSwap has integrated its partners’ primary ticket shops on its platform.

Fans can now purchase tickets from event organisers through ticket shops that will now appear on TicketSwap’s marketplace platform, providing users with the choice of purchasing tickets directly from the event organiser or from other fans selling their tickets.

Through integrations with ticketing companies such as Paylogic, Eventix and Sollidd, TicketSwap now offers more than 50 ticket shops from partnered organisers such as E&A Events, Into The Woods, DGTL and De Marktkantine.

“The sky’s the limit with these integrations on TicketSwap as this helps us expand our offering to our fans and will lead to a continuously smoother experience, and further keeps scalpers out of the loop. We are continually adding new partners weekly,” said Hans Ober, chief executive of TicketSwap.

The firm, which was founded in Amsterdam in 2012, caps resale prices at a maximum of 20 per cent above the original face value.

More than four million fans have used the platform, which works with more than 300 partners globally, since its inception.

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