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Firm running Ticketmaster in Ireland files first account in over a decade

Ticket Shop Unlimited Company, which trades as Ticketmaster in both Northern Ireland and the Republic, has filed its first set of public accounts in more than a decade.

The firm made pre-tax profits of €12.2m in 2016 and earned €32.5m worth of commissions on tickets sales in the same year.

In 2017, revenues shot up to more than €50m and pre-tax profits reached €17.4m after The Ticket Shop took over Ticketmaster operations in Finland and the Czech Republic. The company ended 2017 with cash balance of €77m. In February last year, the firm also acquired the interests of Ticketmaster Italy.

The Ticket Shop, which was founded in 1992 by entrepreneur Tommy Higgins, initially sold tickets through kiosks in shopping centres.

Higgins sold the majority of his stake in the company to Ticketmaster in 1997, and completed the sale five years later, though he remained with the firm until 2013.

The Ticket Shop had not filed financial information since it became an unlimited company in 2005 until earlier this month.