Eventbrite was down for more than six hours on Friday, with many clients reporting they were unable to sell tickets on its website.

The outage was reportedly caused by a malfunction of a feed that populates individual venue websites with all events currently on-sale through Eventbrite.

Many websites for clients like Jam Productions in Chicago, Spaceland Presents in Los Angeles and Alex’s Bar in Long Beach were showing no events listed and no tickets were available for sale.

An email from Eventbrite sent to clients about an hour into the outage, read, according to Billboard: “We are currently experiencing a technical issue that impacts search functionality on (the website) and the Eventbrite consumer app, and event listings on Eventbrite-powered client websites.

“Resolving this issue is currently our No.1 priority and we’re doing everything we can to bring this to resolution as quickly as possible. We apologise and will keep you updated.”

The site being down did not affect those who had already purchased tickets through Eventbrite for venues.

The site’s outage came weeks after Eventbrite transitioned all its clients off the Ticketfly platform, which it bought from Pandora in 2017. It has been working to move clients to Eventbrite Music with an October 1 deadline.

An Eventbrite spokesperson told TheTicketingBusiness: “On October 18, we experienced an issue which impacted the search functionality on eventbrite(.)com, the Eventbrite consumer app, and event listings on Eventbrite-powered client websites.

“Our site was unavailable for a subset of customers from around 11:30am PT (7:30pm GMT+1), but was fully resolved as of 6:00pm PT (2am GMT+1). We identified the source of the problem and restored service. We have no reason to believe there was a data or security impact, and we don’t expect further disruption as a result of this issue.”