Museum and attractions software provider Gantner Ticketing has teamed up with Plopsa, the theme park division within Studio 100.

Plopsa runs a total of seven popular parks across Europe, in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Poland. The Studio 100 group, based in Belgium, also produces popular children’s television series and owns four musical ensembles.

Gantner provides ticketing software for museums, zoos, cultural heritage sites and visitor attractions.

ReCreateX is Gantner’s software application that enables businesses to process high volumes of ticket sales, memberships and event bookings. It includes bespoke modules like a CRM function, as well as featuring a POS front-end, meaning that operators can easily process ticket sales, retail, food and beverages and bookings.

Steve Van den Kerkhof, chief executive of the Plopsa Group, said: “For today’s consumers, fast services are of vital importance. They like to buy their tickets online or make the purchase themselves onsite, without having to queue during peak hours.”

Sebastien Momerency, marketing and creative director, Plopsa Group, added: “For us, it is extremely important that ticket purchases run very smoothly, certainly online. Customers should be easily directed from a Facebook ad to our webshop so that they can finalise their purchase within just a few minutes. The new system has made things a lot clearer.”

Image: Druyts.t