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Satisfi Labs secures investment from Google Assistant fund

AI-powered platform Satisfi Labs has secured investment from the Google Assistant Investment Program, to grow its voice ecosystem for ticketing and other actions.

The New York-headquartered technology company has transformed physical location data into AI-ready knowledge bases, allowing venues, stadiums, and tourist locations to directly and automatically answer customer questions and purchase tickets.

The company has been capturing data based on specific visitor questions, and teaching learnings back to the network. These insights allow places a more in-depth look at what the visitor wants from concessions and ticketing to location-based needs.

“More and more, guests and visitors across sports, entertainment, and tourism are looking towards their voice-enabled platforms to provide real-time solutions to their questions at any given activation, whether it’s at a sports game or a Broadway show,” said Don White, chief executive, and co-founder of Satisfi Labs.

“With Google Assistant and optimised voice technology integrated into our platform, we will be able to bring our clients and their guests a world-class user experience. By utilising voice with our unmatched knowledge management capabilities, we’ll ultimately be giving guests the ability to get responses to their questions at a smarter, faster, and more personalised rate.”

As part of this investment, Satisfi Labs will join the Google Assistant Investment portfolio, contributing to the growth of Google’s voice-ecosystem, and will be announcing Google Assistant product releases starting Q1 of 2020.

Earlier this month, Satisfi expanded its ticketing assistant product across multiple professional sports teams across North America. The company will now provide clients within Major League Baseball (MLB), Major League Soccer (MLS) and the NBA with a more comprehensive understanding of fans to provide ticketing options based on price, type, and location.